A word from the CEO


Company overview

Orchard Therapeutics is a leading global fully integrated commercial-stage company dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with rare diseases through innovative gene therapies.

Orchard’s portfolio of autologous ex vivo gene therapy programs has demonstrated sustained clinical benefit in over 130 patients across five disease areas. These programs include Strimvelis®, the first autologous ex vivo gene therapy approved by the EMA in 2016, 3 programs in advanced registrational studies in MLD (metachromatic leukodystrophy), WAS (Wiskott Aldrich syndrome) and ADA-SCID (adenosine deaminase severe combined immunodeficiency), 2 other clinical programs in X-CGD (X-linked chronic granulomatous disease) and beta-thalassemia, as well as an extensive preclinical pipeline.

The company is partnered with world-leading institutions in gene therapy, including University College London, Great Ormond Street Hospital, the University of Manchester and Central Manchester University Hospitals, the University of California Los Angeles and Boston Children’s Hospital, and Telethon Institute of Gene Therapy/Ospedale San Raffaele.

Orchard is privately held with offices in the UK and the US, including London, San Francisco and Boston. The company was named a Fierce 15 Company by FierceBiotech and was awarded a $19 million grant from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) in 2016. Orchard raised $110 million in a Series B in December 2017 and $150 million in a Series C in August 2018.

Our mission

Our mission is to transform the lives of patients with rare diseases through innovative gene therapies.

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